a word to describe someone/things extreme greatness. it is also a multi use term and can mean anything. it also can be used as an action word.
that dude is a truck
he's truckin'
i trucked her in the ass
is that a truck?!
by doep July 14, 2009
Connection, association, or interaction with a person/place/thing; usually used in a negative sense.
My grandfather won't have any truck with computers.
by NashvilleMac July 15, 2010
Verb. To carry a load of something, either actual items or an idea.
When my girlfriend comes home and sees you smoking in the house, burning holes in her couch, she's not going to truck that.
by cyndi1976 April 04, 2010
when a person just wont stop doing something, because they are hard-headed or stubborn. when someone keeps going and going on about something, funny or not.

When they just wont STOP.
Brad is such a truck with his endless nonsense and sarcastic banter.
by gretchen11 June 01, 2010
a word describing someone being shut down, shut up, or broke etc;
To be intimidated to the point of retreat or back down from confrontation in a pansy fashion;
Total and undeniable dominance of a person, group of people or situation; to make them your bitch.
also see: punked.
Allison just got Trucked by the entire Berry Hill Staff of '06.
Bitch give me your money, its Truck Season.
by kwm September 24, 2006
compensation on wheels
he's compensating for his small cock with that big-ass truck
by Cliff Hopper March 28, 2003
A censored, yet very masculine substitute for the word "fuck"
"truck this", "truck that", "truck you"
by Pangle January 07, 2010

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