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A guy or girl who looks as if they have been hit by a truck. So god-foresakingly ugly that it's blinding and it hurts to look at them.
A friend of mine told me that she thinks that Foot looks as if she was hit by a truck! lmfao! What a TRUCK FACE!
#double decker ass #chunk #fat ass #foot #butt chin
by Miss Kay October 03, 2006
Verb: To consume quickly. Drinking or eating something at a rapid pace. To pound. Often used in conjunction with 'bronson'
Friend 1: "Fuck work, lets go truck face some bronsons"
Friend 2: "no doubt"
#pound #beer #chug #bronson #truckface
by rmartini July 04, 2011
A girl/guy who has such an ugly face that it looks like it was run over by a truck. see tripple bagger, and glow-in-the-dark face.
Didn't anyone tell her not to sleep on the highway!
by SlemCrisco December 15, 2004
ADJ. The look of having had your face run over by a truck. Used with people who have serious facial bruising and swelling.
Riley: yeah i got my nose broken this weekend.
Katie: Yeah looks like someone has a case of truck face.
#face #broken #nose #black eye #ugly
by El Rilo 63 October 02, 2007
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