Refers to someone ugly, often looking like an ogre or a troll, they smell, they are overweight and overall look unpleasant
Person 1: "Look at him!"
Person 2: "Yeah! He looks like a trub"
by Akbarian Ninja November 28, 2009
Top Definition
an out of townie expression. Rooted from the word trouble. It means forseeing oncoming danger, being and danger and ooops its too late you just got owned by danger.
3 whiskey and rye, 5 gin and tonic and 3 shots of tequilla later, did not see trubs coming and ended up taking her ugly-ass home.
by JayCrisis!! June 01, 2006
to hit or beat someone with a blunt object.
When my son said he was gay, I began to trub him with a large rock.
by Rev. Mustard June 03, 2004
to beat someone with a blunt object
when I found out my best friend slept w/ my girlfriend, I began to trub him with a large rock.
by A-Town (da boy not da city) November 30, 2006
Thirty inch rims
Im doing eighty in the Lightning, the cops tried to pull me over but my trubs done blinded 'em.
by Travis and ANdrew March 01, 2003
A quantity metric similar in amount to 'three'.
The trub liters of cola are on sale for $0.49!
by Eric Schneider May 13, 2005
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