1. a student who stays away from school without permission.
2. a person who shirks or neglects his or her duty.
She plays truant when she doesn't like the teachers teaching for the day
by Jesus is wonderful August 03, 2008
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Noun (1): Someone who shirks school or work in pursuit of self-chosen desires.

Noun (2): The pseudonym for quite possibly the most antisocial outcast this planet has seen.

Verb: To shirk school or work in pursuit of self-chosen desires/activities.
Noun (1): Mrs. Felcher: "We used to have a garden gnome, but some truant stole it to hock it for a dime bag."

Noun (2): Wayno: "That Truant guy is a legend in his own mind. Quitting a good job because of his hosebeast boss. Took some balls, man."

Verb: Norling: "Since Truant's gone truant, he ain't been right."
by Truant January 13, 2004
Used mostly in schools.

Intentionally absent without a legitimate excuse.
Basically, Ditching class.
Person 1:"Why'd you mark me truant???"
Person 2:"Don't act like I didn't see you ditch MY class!"
Person 1:"FUCK YOU"
by JK NAW MEAN NIGGA September 14, 2010
Comes from the latin: Konarus Caffeinatus Erectus
Hey he's wired like a Truant.
by Philip C. Samaro January 14, 2004

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