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"hey that girl is fine!"
-"yeah tru say"
by Zane February 19, 2003

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ya know i agree i concor true say ya get me?
1. Act of speaking the truth
Person 1: Man, Naz just ganked my vocab.
Person 2: Trusay, however Dora's been ganking ur style for a while.
by Maximus May 15, 2003
A word embraced by a group from Crown Heights and The 90's of Brooklyn, NY called HH (HHandsome HHustlas), It means THE LITERAL truth, the equivalent to when people say "I swear to God", "No Lie" or "That's My Word"
Yo TruSay, I don't like how you be moving.
by AK Tha Don January 19, 2011
What the French say to the German army when it invades.
Mon ami...trusay?
by harry flashman July 12, 2003