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a rapper/mc of Puerto Rican descent from the Lower East Side, or LES, part of Manhattan. Tru Life recently signed with Jay Z and Rocafella, but was virtually unknown to most before that. Tru Life has recorded for several years but is famous for his apperanece on "Beef" for his squabbles with Mobb Deep. That beef has supposedly been squashed, but most recently at the 2006 PR Parade Tru dissed Dipset in a harsh way. Tru Life and Jim Jones particularly had beef and were supposed to box for 50 G's. Nothing had transpired as of yet.
Tru Life kinda killed the Dips with that freestyle.
by Buzzedagain September 04, 2006
A rapper who unfortunately has a very limited vocabulary in his normal speech patterns. Uses the word nigga nonstop, to much annoyance.
Similar to rival Jim Jones saying smell me frequently.
"Yo nigga blah blah nigga nigga blah JIMMMYYYYYYY nigga blah blah blah nigga nigga blah JIMMYYYYYYYY nigga blah nigga blah JIMMMMYYYYYY blah nigga blah nigga.......nigga!" - Typical Tru Life statement.
by Smoke Cracker September 16, 2007
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