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to do what one normally does. as in a trout just swimming up the stream.
Sally and I had the day off and were just troutin around with no particular destination.
by Ryan BuonaLanger October 08, 2009
Troutin' around refers to a state of just relaxing and hanging out... perhaps some mild puttering, as a trout in a the hatchery.
"What are you doing, Ryan?"

"Oh, you know, Rebecca, just troutin around"
by hellbenthoneybee October 08, 2009
When some STANKY-ASS bitch thinks shes all that! but her pussy be smellin like an ol ass troat!
"Look at dat bitch justa Troutin' Around like her pussy don't STANK"

"Bitches be Troutin'"

"Don't be Troutin' Around!"
by SpruceShelf1 January 14, 2013
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