when a guy gets a boner in band class
chad got a tromboner
by you_no_it132 February 03, 2009
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Being sexually aroused by someone in a band uniform.
Whoa! That cute clarinet player standing on the 40 yard line gives me a tromboner!
by Kram Llahtneb February 06, 2010
When your tossing a guys salad and you reach around and jerk him off like your playing a trombone.
"Hey bitch give my a tromboner."
by Steve Winkler January 26, 2005
A musician that plays the trombone.
(pronounced trum-BONER)
Jeffery is a tromboner.
by hanner_bernanner June 17, 2009
A trombone with its slide fully extended, resembling an erect penis.
Try playing some pedal tones with that tromboner---just be careful. Don't whack that girl in front of you with the slide.
by pentozali October 31, 2010
1. The act of receiving a "big one" while playing a trombone (or small one, depending on the person).

2. Getting a "big one" that resembles the shape of a trombone.

3. Getting a "big one" when catching the eye of a particularly attractive or sexy band player who just happens to play the trombone.
Dude 1: Oh crap, man! I just got a tromboner!
Dude 2: Hide it quickly! People might see it's distinct shape!

Dude 1: Man, he/she just gave me a tromboner!
Dude 2: Don't hide it, it's a symbol of pride!
by definerofthewords January 26, 2011
An ignorant name used by some jealous bastard when that someone see's a trombonist with their trombone, because they think it is funny. usually used by football players, cheerleaders, potheads and people that have no life.
~walk, walk, walk~

footballer- "hey tromboner!" "hahaha"
trombonist- ~mumble~ "douchefuck"
by ~blah, blah, blah~ December 19, 2009

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