Dirty hoe's that are searching for your money, while they are honking on your hammer.
Man that trollop almost got my wallet, just as I was about to cum, I slapped her on the back and made her suck in while I held onto my wallet.
by omar from the north December 02, 2009
An immoral or promiscuous woman, usually a prostitute
Me: Cat your such a trollop
Cat: No I'm not

Me: When's the last time you had sex
Cat: 15 minutes ago, but only with 3 guys

by anonomousj October 30, 2012
another word for slut
Brooke is a trollop
by hobskiz September 20, 2008
1: a girl that gets a guy drunk at a party so she can sleep with him cause they cant get aly form any one else.
2: the tray where pigs eat there slush.
bill is at a party so is sam "the trollop" she keeps getting him drunk so she can score bills so drunk he fucks it and regrets it later.
by chexz May 09, 2010

1.A falacious women who is well known for after hour escapades.2.A not-so-attractive female,(usually with low self-esteem) who has no problem excepting extra attention
from various members of the community.(in most cases for free)
"Thats that same trollop we used to mess with in high school!"
by lil' miller October 23, 2005
1. Something between a trot and a gallop
2. A promiscuous woman, see whore, slut.
1. The horse was tired so it's master settled for a quick trollop.
2. Cindy's a trollop! You can get ass from her anytime!
by Midnight Fistfight May 15, 2006
A promiscuous, preferably female horse
All the men on the local minor league baseball team think the trollop they saw is extremely sexy for a horse.
by Mike the Ekim May 18, 2005

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