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The act of copulating in a strictly lustful sense.
Man, that chick's a fox! I sure wish I could trolly that!
by Revy D. Bishop September 02, 2006
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Knickers Panties
Pull your trollies down
by Peter Fox June 01, 2003
Antiquated and out dated form of transportation. Also used in the term hop on the trolly. Which means catch the oppurtunity, get on the go, or do the latest trend.
Hop on the trolly!
by larstait October 11, 2003
Having the appearance of a troll, usually a big nose, or big ears, and a long face. Popular trolly women are: Sarah Jessica Parker, and Cher.
Werewolf: Did you see the new Sex and the City movie?
Puck: Yeah, I was dragged kicking and screaming to it last night.

Werewolf: Even though Sara Jessica Parker is quite trolly, I'd still throw it in her.
by Theedingo1 November 18, 2010
boobs or titties that sit close together and high up on the torso. the ribcage of said girl is also much wider said than the outer side of the boobies. the boobies in question are not necissarily bad... just on the wrong girl. girl may wear excessive amounts of make up to draw attention away from her "trollies".
Jessica might be HOT, but i just cant get past her trollies man.
by gobot92 March 01, 2010
A collection of trolls
Look at that Trolly over there
by TheLaughingSam September 08, 2006
Another word for walk.
Lets go for a trolly and see who's around the campsites.
by ME:} May 21, 2006

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