A girl that is particularly nasty. Usually found pulling up her thong so others can see it. A troll looks and acts very man-like.
Look at that girl! She's a slut. A man look-a-liker. A TROLL!!
by wormwood811 June 10, 2005
People that are controlled by the man, and or men. That "Man" being in the form of a major corporation or other large bureaucracy that would be described by former "Two and a Half Men" star Charlie Sheen.
You either follow Charlie Sheen or you are with the trolls.
by Sheen's Bitch March 07, 2011
Troll - A Really Ugly Person Mainly Girls Who Are Overweight, spotty and gererally horrible to look at.

Generally Tend to try and ignore theese comments
Person 1 " ERRR YOU'RE A TROLL" (Refering to the persons uglyness)

Troll Person " Oh Thanks...."
by Benja Boi June 21, 2006
A nice, albeit mischievious creature, often depicted as being tall and lanky with mottled skin, long hair, and a hooked nose.

On the other hands, trolls have been known to be huge and vicious carnivores, eating up to thirty humans in a single meal.
Grendel is such a bad-ass troll.
by h3jm4k December 21, 2003
Sit on Worldofwarcraft.com all day and make threads on the forum.
You sit on Worldofwarcraft.com while playing WoW making useless posts. When nobody in WoW knows who you are and your level 60.
by Bertox April 21, 2005
The insult of choice for the unemployed, internet-obsessed nerd. Generally, if you have a social life, being called something from Lord of the Rings will not have any affect on you whatsoever. The word is especially relevant in message boards for power metal bands or video games, this being where you will find the lowest, most pathetic life forms to exist on the planet, and who solely depend on their computers and the internet to have any sort of life.
Attack the troll with your mighty broadsword!
Meant as an excessive form of lolling. Like "lols (lulz)" is short for lololololololol, "trolls" is short for "trolololololol", except has a greater meaning and effect than "lols (lulz)"
Taylor: I've been flirting with this 14 year old.
Sam: Pedobear is watching your every move!
Taylor: TROLLS!
by XsXmulliX September 07, 2011

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