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A troll is someone who is considered undesirable either due to physical attributes or character flaws. A trollular non-troll is a hottie so long as she's too drunk to be a bitch. A non-trollular troll is a total dog with a great personality.
Man, what a little troll! If she wasn't so much of an ultra wing candidate I'd pawn her off on some other idiot.
by Stuben Hackfittle Von Burntsteiner November 07, 2004
3 21
an individual that frequents message boards and makes up stories or belittles others posting on the board.
hey everybody, let's go troll the Scientology message board!
by Alfred E Fucktard July 01, 2002
7 25
Someone who says something just to recieve a desired reaction.
"I'm so ugly"

"Aww.. no ur not!"
by Naisrep July 07, 2005
3 22
people who use their spare time to piss people off at forums. It may seem they have no life but its usually the other way around. trolls are the BEST thing that happen to forums!!!!

below is an example of a troll at work....
"okay well my grandpa likes to fuck little boys in the ass, he fyuked my cousin in the ass and used cisco oil to make his dick all ooey gooey and slippery but it didn't work so he told my cousin to stick his hand up his ass. so he did and he pulled his guts out of his ass and now when hes jogging around people think that his balls look funny! LOL!!!"
by flippy March 01, 2004
5 25
A girl that is particularly nasty. Usually found pulling up her thong so others can see it. A troll looks and acts very man-like.
Look at that girl! She's a slut. A man look-a-liker. A TROLL!!
by wormwood811 June 10, 2005
4 26
People that are controlled by the man, and or men. That "Man" being in the form of a major corporation or other large bureaucracy that would be described by former "Two and a Half Men" star Charlie Sheen.
You either follow Charlie Sheen or you are with the trolls.
by Sheen's Bitch March 07, 2011
32 56
Troll - A Really Ugly Person Mainly Girls Who Are Overweight, spotty and gererally horrible to look at.

Generally Tend to try and ignore theese comments
Person 1 " ERRR YOU'RE A TROLL" (Refering to the persons uglyness)

Troll Person " Oh Thanks...."
by Benja Boi June 21, 2006
5 29