Troll: Medical term; The patient population that frequents emergency rooms and I.C.U. units. They are easy to spot--all are non-compliant and wait days after becomming ill to seak medical attention. The first thing they have to do after admission is eat and take a shit.
There are three Trolls in the emergency room,the E.M.S. brought them all and thay have no transportation to leave.They all need to eat and take a shit so I guess they will be admitted to I.C.U.
by vernon February 03, 2004
An amazingly ugly person, usually a woman.
Have you seen Matt's new girlfriend? She's a fucking troll!
by Alex January 29, 2004
1-People who spend all their time on the internet insulting others.

2-Freakish monster usually found in forests, caves, or sometimes under bridges.
1-(insert internet posters name here) is such a troll.

2-When walking through the forest I was attacked by a troll.
by HT January 17, 2004
1-an ugly and annoying person.
2-someone who says things that are intentionally annoying.
She's jus' a fuckin' troll.
by Fangsta March 21, 2003
a male human who can chug and eat anything that is given to him
Son)iwant a #9,#7,#1,2#5's....

Mother)son don't be such fuckin' troll
by ILboy June 18, 2008
Another word for Bum or Homeless used in Ocean Beach, San Diego, California.
omg, look at that troll, i think hes drunk.
by chet1956 March 01, 2008
person that lacks clenliness;usually shops at hot topic, wears the corny chains, arm warmers, big ugly stripes;usually in the santa cruz region. likes to dye hair black and lets roots over grow. they usually like really mainstream "emo"/"power pop"/"bad metal" musicmy chemical romance, system of a Down, panic at the disco, think that they are being rebbels by wearing pre-patched jackets from hot topic
The trolls went to the mall to buy their pre-patched my chemical romance jackets at hot topic.
by haley ispretty February 25, 2007

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