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Someone, on the Internet, who does things that I don't like.

(This has become the operative definition for the 21st century.)
The differing definitions, posted here, of the word Troll.
by seemynewname March 22, 2009
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A troll is someone, usually a monster like bum who lives in drains,under bridges,in your local park etc. likes to prey on unwary young couples usually at night.
Guy1: Dude that guy like totally,virtually lives in the park.

Guy2: Must be like a troll or something.
by Yakoe January 26, 2009
7 13
Someone who gets people ranting on internet forums. Can reveal the best and worst arguements humans have to offer.
Good troll (starts an interesting debate.): tehwookielost.
Bad troll (starts a flame war): T2 in his I am an MLG pownzorz topic.
by sentio ita scio September 28, 2008
3 9
A person, usually having social deficiencies off-line, who enjoys messing with with people online just to piss them off and masturbate to the lulz.

Trolls would never pull their antics off-line because they would be murdered.

Also called a "Lolfag"

Troll- "I did it.. for.. the.. LULZ!!" *grabs tissues*
by Anon_Ihmus April 27, 2008
5 11
1: Somebody who, whether out of boredom, obnoxious tendencies or simply having no life to speak of, causes trouble on a website (eg: by starting arguments deliberately). I know of a website which had to be shut down after some jerk-off started deliberately causing a fuss and turning the various members against each other.

2: A mythological creature often used in fairy-tales such as 'The Three Billy-Goats Gruff'. Generally depicted as humanoid but ugly and sometimes with animal-like fangs, claws or horns.
There's a troll in an old computer game I found who is scared of teddy-bear heads with arms and legs. The great woos.
by Stormsworder March 09, 2007
6 12
Noun, writing, plot devices- Any plot device which brings together a group through mutual danger, esp. when the one in most danger is the least sympathetic of the group.
He couldn't get us to use teamwork, so instead he used a troll.
by Cole Canassis August 02, 2005
7 13
Charlie Sheen
Boy, that John Cryer is a Troll. Chaim Levine is a troll!
by 49er March 09, 2011
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