A group of males aged approximately 15-25. Trolls are characterized by making tasteless and crass jokes/comments online for the purpose of getting a cheap laugh from whichever of their troll friends happen to be looking over their shoulder at the computer at the time. Trolls are a rare species, as they lack the abilities most other males have to mate, such as testicles and the ability to connect with someone on an emotional level. However, trolls reproduce by infecting other males ages 15-25. If exposed to a troll, take emergency action to prevent the spread of troll-ness onto yourself and whomever you happen to be around.
"Tony is such a troll, he posted a link to gay-repairitive therapy on the facebook of Mike, the kid at our school who killed himself after coming out of the closet."

" Have you been tested at a fertility clinic yet?"
"Yes, but I'm fertile....It's been three months and I'm still not pregnant, maybe Nick is a troll...."

"Pete is such a troll, man...he started acting like a douche all over my FB status about my dead girlfriend"
"I would kick him in the balls for you, but you know trolls....he doesn't have any"
by appledeap September 04, 2011
Best Trolls :
Apple Inc.
Catholic Church
Oprah Winfrey
The Human Centipede
The little plastic ones with colorful hair and whatnot
(obligatory) Your mom
by Sentiency July 10, 2011
A word that has more meanings and uses than the word fuck. Troll has morphed from it's original urban definition of an ass of a person that makes people angry on social-media sites by posting rediculous shit for the lulz. To an individual that that uses charisma and bullshit to manipulate other people into doing their will, thus trolling thier mind. Short for controlling.
Shit gets deep when I troll them trollwannabe's." "My trollgame is too strong for dem biznatches.
by trollmaster#1 June 11, 2011
Troll what a 35+ out of lingo touch person says on an online forum when they are outmatched and out witted by another online user. They then proceed to drop the "troll" word when they have no other defense or logical debate.

Its a losers last stand.
Telepathically - Rausting the Rabble- of online Loser 4 Life.
Beat that thread! !@#$% troll.
by Jezza.Jamoin March 03, 2011
the beenerkeke kid on youtube. a baby (midget) with autism who went through puberty but stopped halfway through, he is the pedo-bear's inbred offspring.
beenerkeke kid on youtube is a troll
by jake is doom September 12, 2010
a very ugly fat girl who u only hook up with when your drunk or really really high. also u talk to a troll for her hot ass friends. trolls always have food.
dude why the fuck did you hook me up with the troll?!!!

Dude, you could get her hot ass friends and I know your black ass wants that food stuffed in her troll tang!
by sup homie!! June 12, 2010
1. A person that leaves comments like fake and gay and 1st on your youtube videos because he has a small penis and hates his life so he posts stuff that gets under your skin and will keep posting that shit.
2. A mythical creature that has long hair,short and fat and lives in cave. similar to the troll you'll find leaving stpuid comments on your myspace,facebook,youtube, etc.
3. The toy that was around in 90's that had neon hair and was short and fat.
4. A person who you dont want commenting on your shit.
5. An ugly ass girl.
1. Mark Dude someone commented on your video.
Jimmy Yeah, whats it say?
Mark This Video is fake and gay just like your mom
Jimmy Fucking troll
2. In school we read Billy Goats Gruff and there was a troll in the story.
3. dude Remember the 90's when we used to collect trolls
other dude Yeah those were the shit.
4. Charles Susy commented on facebook status.
Mikey Why does this bitch keep trollin my shit
5.Yo bruh did you see that cheerleader that football team ran a train on?
Yeah, She's a fucking troll I dont know what the fuck they were thinking.
by roundrock15 June 03, 2010
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