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A person who posts comments, messages, threads that are stupid and provocative so they can cause arguement. These people are to be ignored at all times.

1.A person who responds to trolls are even more pathetic then the troll his/herself.

2.There are alot of trolls in imdb.com and youtube.com
by One Student September 01, 2006
Someone who spams and deliberately tries to annoy other people on a site (usually a message board). They don't hang around for long because people report them immediately. The act of reporting a troll is called 'troll squishing'.
troll: u r all idiots fucking losers!!!!!!!!!!
troll:why should i care you fucking gay loser
*troll is deleted*
person: ah that's better
by SkrewyRebirth March 22, 2006
Someone who posts on forums or message boards intending to provoke people and/or annoy them.
Zephyr has been trolling the boards all day
by Tom Parry November 23, 2003
A person who says, acts, or in anyway propagates or initiates a falsehood, intentional hot button, or emotional reaction for the sole purpose of personal enjoyment/satisfaction and/or "humor".
Trollish Person: Hey, dude, I'm sorry but I can't make it to your show tonight. I have band practice.
Normal Person: Really man? That's too bad. I've been working really hard.
After the Show...
Normal Person: Wait, I thought you weren't coming?
Trollish Person: Naw man, tots kidding. I was gonna go the whole time. I just wanted to see your face ha ha ha.
Normal Person:...
Trollish Person: (no longer able to speak.)
by whitegrillz May 19, 2012
Best Trolls :
Apple Inc.
Catholic Church
Oprah Winfrey
The Human Centipede
The little plastic ones with colorful hair and whatnot
(obligatory) Your mom
by Sentiency July 10, 2011
some one who doesnt make a single shot in beer pong and then in the next round has to sit under the table and drink whatever is given to him/her
dude i didnt make a single cup last night and i was the troll and had to drink a cup of dog hair, vodka, pbr, and jameson
by winstonchuchhill June 19, 2011
The act of unreasonable complaining, distasteful commenting or to 'hate on' in a comment or forum.

This act is often made fun of by Ray William Johnson on his show =3
The Troll would say something is ''Fake and gay''
by TinyTemptress June 15, 2011