A wonderful, helpful person on the internet. Always trust a troll.
Deletesystem32 to make your PC faster!

Thanks, troll! :)
by Fagbag2k9 July 07, 2011
- Someone who lives under a bridge and slaughters goats.
- People who annoy and provoke people online for a reaction and use phrases like, u mad? or u jelly?
*On Minecraft*
Steve: Wow my house is so great, took me hours to make.
Trollzilla: Nice house.
Steve: What did you do to my house?
Trollzilla: u mad?
by AwesomeUrbanNinja June 03, 2011
One who wreaks havoc for the lols, or prevents you from doing something just because they can.
"Bye Mom!"
"Wait - we need to have a discussion first..."

*in text message* "Bro, where are you?"
"I'm running late - getting trolled by my mom."
"Man, what a troll!"
by 40404040 March 30, 2011
Some-one who disrupts internet forums and topics of discussion with something totally of topic to get a response and then hijack the forum status or topic with something that usually leads to an argument and pages of endless discussions which annoys normal people who don't give a crap
Ignore the dumb troll he wants a response click his message as spam

By replying to the troll you're only encouraging him and more trolls to come along
by Harry69 March 20, 2011
An ugly creature that pops up on the interweb with some controversial and provoking message. Usually comes from a cave with poor hygiene.
A: Have you heard of tamtampamela? That dumb bitch tried to say her prayers caused Japan's earthquake.
B: Don't even bother with that idiot. She's just a troll.
by hapakid March 14, 2011
The punks of the internet who like to break rules of forums and other websites or who like to complain and protest about the websites in which they are members of or hate.

A troll whole goal is to get a rise out of people on the internet by making either remarks and statements so stupid that the people on the other side of the screen either think the troll is crazy or they're smart enough to know they're dealing with a troll.

Another type of troll is the concern troll the kind of troll that post on forums, comments, or youtube comments trying to convey a sense of concern for problems that aren't there and to piss people off in the process. Another aspect of the concern troll group is the censor troll, who reports people, not because the person is doing anything wrong, they (again) just want to piss people off.
4chan is the biggest troll hang out spot on the Internet.

Some troll tried to piss me off yesterday by acting like a devout Christian.
by RolphSemensDickOvensUWIDI February 08, 2011
1. A short man who lives underneath a bridge
2. A nerd online (sometimes also a fanboy) trying to make you feel bad by insulting the shit out of you
1. "There's a troll underneath this here bridge, Billy Bob. Let's shoot it.
2. Troll-"Shut up you dumb faggot."
Kid-"I'm telling my mommy on you."
by ilikethedark December 07, 2010

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