1) A person who without substance of argument engages in inflamatory debate in an online forum for the purpose of causing disruption and anger in others, usually for their own amusement.

2) A person or group of persons who expresses an opinion different to the majority in the selected forum. These people, despite possible evidence based arguments, are labled troll as a dismissive measure, so that the majority is not forced to confront an opinion they do not agree with.
1) Anybody who had to look up this definition is an idiot.

2) Troll: I present fact1, fact2, and fact3 in evidence to support my argument that your opinion of the economic state of the US is inaccurate and based on sensationalist media bullshit.
MajorityMember: lol ignore dis idiot hez just a stupid troll
by Sheogorathicus VIII December 18, 2011
A person with a pedophile van that says rape on the side of it. Also has an ice cream truck jingle on his/her van.
Hey hinkerdoodlecakes stop being a troll!!!
by The Troll Himself November 30, 2011
1. Acting serious (usually on forums) to get a response that will invoke laughter

2. Being a Jerk on the web

3. being a stupid sack of ****.
1. that troll just made the intternet geeks look stupid
2. That troll should be banned
3. That troll should just stop posting here. Its annyoing
by LANDYACTZ4THEWIN November 16, 2011
1) An exceptionally awkward, obnoxious, or grating individual.

2) An exceptionally ugly girl that is overtly trying too hard.
1) "Dude, Austin has been here for 5 minutes and somehow has already smashed a window, puked on my carpet, and medlered my camera. Why is this troll still in my house?"

2) "That party last night was such a troll fest. I didn't know whether to cut my junk off to keep from getting raped or gouge my eyes out so I wouldn't have to watch."
by Spoofy G. October 18, 2011
a woman who toils with a mans emotions. Also known as a tease,cunt, bitch or a whore.
girl: hey you want to meet up tonight?
guy: yeah sure what do you wanna do?
girl: oh idk..watch a movie and then not watch it ;)
guy: what time?
girl: in an hr
guy: sure let me know when you want to meet
(4 hrs later)
guy: hey so are we meeting up?
guy: so whats the deal for tonight?

don't hear from her months on end; out of the blue

girl:hey you want to meet up tonight?
guy: Fuck you troll
by LuvRod October 10, 2011
An internet troll is a person who has some internal bitterness and anger against the fact that in reality, they will never succeed.
"I'm going to Troll this intelligent person I can feel like I succeeded at something in my life, because I have nothing else in my life to be proud of."
by Splato October 05, 2011
1) A magical creature that lives under a bridge.
2) Someone who says something provocative to incite an argument.
1: *Man starts to walk across bridge* *Troll eats man*
2: Example of internet trolling: Posting on 50 Cent's forum "White rappers FTW"
by trollfacetrafficcop October 02, 2011
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