To spread as much negative feedback on videos on Youtube as possible. This phrase was invented by a popular Youtube celebrity named Ray William Johnson
"Quit trolling man! i love timothydelaghetto!"
by Ryan Brown Big Man Town August 23, 2011
an unwelcome person who invades adult bookstores theatres in hopes of hooking up with playing partners. The troll is often unwashed, un-cut, smelly and a general nuisance.
You must be clean and smell good to play with my sub, NO TROLLS!
by MsJT July 30, 2011
A person who flames on notable and worthy content on the Internet by calling it "fake" or "stupid" (and so on) knowing they can't do a better job themselves.
Some Important Guy: "... and that's how you cure cancer."
Troll: "Fake and gay!"
by imnotanerd July 28, 2011
- Someone who lives under a bridge and slaughters goats.
- People who annoy and provoke people online for a reaction and use phrases like, u mad? or u jelly?
*On Minecraft*
Steve: Wow my house is so great, took me hours to make.
Trollzilla: Nice house.
Steve: What did you do to my house?
Trollzilla: u mad?
by AwesomeUrbanNinja June 03, 2011
An ugly creature that pops up on the interweb with some controversial and provoking message. Usually comes from a cave with poor hygiene.
A: Have you heard of tamtampamela? That dumb bitch tried to say her prayers caused Japan's earthquake.
B: Don't even bother with that idiot. She's just a troll.
by hapakid March 14, 2011
A girl or woman who acts troll-like in public; hopping obnoxiously, eating like a pig, having poofy red tinted hair(usually not brushed), has an unbelievably HUGE appetite, mooches off of so called "friends" or colleges, nasty body usually fat and or with a celulite tummy, sloppy, easy, sometimes a slut.

TFL = Troll Free Life
Cory: "Man! That girl is a total troll... nasty!"
Jim: "Yeah I know, what a turn-off."

Jim: "Ew look at that fat troll hopping around in the hall."
Cory: "Gross. She should get that crazy hair thinned or somethin."

Jim: "Mhm, halleluijah!"
by Trollz Slayer December 21, 2010
A basement-dweller with too much time and too little job.
Troll #1: I'm bored. I wonder if Mike's up for trolling?
Troll #2: You bet I am!
Troll #1: Sweet! Let's go piss people off!
by jakyokufishycookins November 16, 2010

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