a troll aplies to rule1 and 2 and annoy's the crud out of everyone
troll's trololololololololololololo
by annonumouse September 14, 2011
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person that lacks clenliness;usually shops at hot topic, wears the corny chains, arm warmers, big ugly stripes;usually in the santa cruz region. likes to dye hair black and lets roots over grow. they usually like really mainstream "emo"/"power pop"/"bad metal" musicmy chemical romance, system of a Down, panic at the disco, think that they are being rebbels by wearing pre-patched jackets from hot topic
The trolls went to the mall to buy their pre-patched my chemical romance jackets at hot topic.
by haley ispretty February 25, 2007
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A nice, albeit mischievious creature, often depicted as being tall and lanky with mottled skin, long hair, and a hooked nose.

On the other hands, trolls have been known to be huge and vicious carnivores, eating up to thirty humans in a single meal.
by h3jm4k December 21, 2003
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look that cracka dun called tha` troll`s on us.
by lyneisha May 21, 2007
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The act of using escstacy and LSD together, often resulting in out of body like experiences, or prolonged states of orgasmic like feelings, very much appreciated by the experianced user, a bit much for the rookie roller.

Pulling a shrimping or fisning net with a boat.
pulling a fishing lure with a boat.
Man,,I trolled my ass off last night.
Damn I'm trollin.
Leave jack alone! He's trollin.

Lets troll for shrimp.
Im bord, lets just troll.
by Echosaga April 10, 2006
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Trolling is a verb used to express the action of being overly active on Facebook- posting nonsensical comments, and engaging multiple people in unusual conversations comprised of a mixture of both witty, foolish, embarrassing and provocative comments.

Its basically just fucking around with people over the internet. Or in person.

Some rules for Trolling:

A. Although trolling predominantly occurs in group settings, it is possible to troll individually.

B. Trolling may occur at any hour of the day. **Trolls occurring between the hours of 10 pm to 4 am are allotted extra forgiveness and lenience as to their content.**

C. Trolls occurring on profiles of ex-boyfriends should be monitored unless the troller at work is indifferent to whether he or she is deleted from the subject's friends list.

D. Trolling while backwards stalking is both permitted and encouraged. There is no limit on this form of trollation.

E. Do not be alarmed if your number of friends decreases after a night of extensive trolling. Not only is this customary, but it also indicates proper trolling habits.
Alex: Sophie, why did you just comment on that photo of your ex-boyfriend making out with his new girlfriend saying, "omg so cute!!" ??

Sophie: Hahahahahahhhahaha I know I shouldn't have but I'm just trolling so hard right now I don't give a fuuuck.
by spennes May 01, 2012
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A word that has more meanings and uses than the word fuck. Troll has morphed from it's original urban definition of an ass of a person that makes people angry on social-media sites by posting rediculous shit for the lulz. To an individual that that uses charisma and bullshit to manipulate other people into doing their will, thus trolling thier mind. Short for controlling.
Shit gets deep when I troll them trollwannabe's." "My trollgame is too strong for dem biznatches.
by trollmaster#1 June 11, 2011
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