A person, usually having social deficiencies off-line, who enjoys messing with with people online just to piss them off and masturbate to the lulz.

Trolls would never pull their antics off-line because they would be murdered.

Also called a "Lolfag"

Troll- "I did it.. for.. the.. LULZ!!" *grabs tissues*
by Anon_Ihmus April 27, 2008
A joke disguised as an outrageously stupid statement or question, intended to trap people into believing it is serious.
Hey, how's my computer able to speak in foreign languages?
by renormr March 14, 2005
One who makes out under or near bridges, preferably with a random person; see Becky Doyle
Look at those two necking in that park! They are such trolls
by kggg March 02, 2005
someone from the lower peninsula of michigan and likes to complain about the excess of snow they think they got
"we got an inch of snow and they closed school"
by cardenio February 04, 2005
Troll: Medical term; The patient population that frequents emergency rooms and I.C.U. units. They are easy to spot--all are non-compliant and wait days after becomming ill to seak medical attention. The first thing they have to do after admission is eat and take a shit.
There are three Trolls in the emergency room,the E.M.S. brought them all and thay have no transportation to leave.They all need to eat and take a shit so I guess they will be admitted to I.C.U.
by vernon February 03, 2004
An amazingly ugly person, usually a woman.
Have you seen Matt's new girlfriend? She's a fucking troll!
by Alex January 29, 2004
1-People who spend all their time on the internet insulting others.

2-Freakish monster usually found in forests, caves, or sometimes under bridges.
1-(insert internet posters name here) is such a troll.

2-When walking through the forest I was attacked by a troll.
by HT January 17, 2004
1-an ugly and annoying person.
2-someone who says things that are intentionally annoying.
She's jus' a fuckin' troll.
by Fangsta March 21, 2003
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