A person, usually having social deficiencies off-line, who enjoys messing with with people online just to piss them off and masturbate to the lulz.

Trolls would never pull their antics off-line because they would be murdered.

Also called a "Lolfag"

Troll- "I did it.. for.. the.. LULZ!!" *grabs tissues*
by Anon_Ihmus April 27, 2008
1: Somebody who, whether out of boredom, obnoxious tendencies or simply having no life to speak of, causes trouble on a website (eg: by starting arguments deliberately). I know of a website which had to be shut down after some jerk-off started deliberately causing a fuss and turning the various members against each other.

2: A mythological creature often used in fairy-tales such as 'The Three Billy-Goats Gruff'. Generally depicted as humanoid but ugly and sometimes with animal-like fangs, claws or horns.
There's a troll in an old computer game I found who is scared of teddy-bear heads with arms and legs. The great woos.
by Stormsworder March 09, 2007
A person who constantly is annoying for personal pleasure. These people do not bathe, change clothing, or brush their teeth. They are highly unwanted among friend groups and are looked down upon.
Scott you are being a fucking troll go away!
by Sam Arnold February 23, 2006
Noun, writing, plot devices- Any plot device which brings together a group through mutual danger, esp. when the one in most danger is the least sympathetic of the group.
He couldn't get us to use teamwork, so instead he used a troll.
by Cole Canassis August 02, 2005
Charlie Sheen
Boy, that John Cryer is a Troll. Chaim Levine is a troll!
by 49er March 09, 2011
The VERY lowest form of life.

What do they do?
They will insult or deride a person or idea to spark up an argument on a message board or Youtube video whose content they dont like.

Why do they act in such a way?

Simple, theyre small, they have no self confidence because they feel inadequate to those around them. Instead of confronting those who bother them, they take out their frustration on Youtube or myspace or IM Chatrooms. What they need to do is GROW SOME DAMN TESTES!

Another idea is that they just like to start shit, the lower kind of troll, now we all have moments of inadequacy, but the type 2 troll has no reason to act like that, so they jsut plain deserve to die.

What can we so about it?

Nothing unfortunately, some people seem to think that "flaming" them is the best thing to do, but it isnt, they CRAVE attention, although if youre lucky youll flame the one who has low self esteem and he'll end it right then and there (joke, i do not condone suicide, there are other ways). they unfortunately always will be, so just live with it.
Forum Title: metal

Tom : I love metal

Bobby : i saw *insert band here* live, they were awesome!

Trolly: Metal is gay, listen to rap!
by Warlock_Master May 16, 2009
A person who favors a certain team or group, and then goes onto another team's message boards using a fake username and screws around on it.
(On Penguins Message Boards)
'Capssuck': " Alex Ovechkin is a much better player than Crosby"
'Malkin21': Get out of here you little troll, everyone knows you have a f***ing fake username."
by phaustx23 January 21, 2009
A Humanoid native to the Gula-Gula Mountains north of the southern caucases. Resides within hidden caves , Thredds, embedded in the mountains. This tusked, Green skinned creature functions well in a society of its own kind. Their diet consists of flames that are produced by other humans tresspassing into their areas.
You want to be careful of Troll and not feed it by trespassing into their Thredds.
by Julius D Malii December 18, 2008

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