A person, usually having social deficiencies off-line, who enjoys messing with with people online just to piss them off and masturbate to the lulz.

Trolls would never pull their antics off-line because they would be murdered.

Also called a "Lolfag"

Troll- "I did it.. for.. the.. LULZ!!" *grabs tissues*
by Anon_Ihmus April 27, 2008
an unwelcome person who invades adult bookstores theatres in hopes of hooking up with playing partners. The troll is often unwashed, un-cut, smelly and a general nuisance.
You must be clean and smell good to play with my sub, NO TROLLS!
by MsJT July 30, 2011
A person who flames on notable and worthy content on the Internet by calling it "fake" or "stupid" (and so on) knowing they can't do a better job themselves.
Some Important Guy: "... and that's how you cure cancer."
Troll: "Fake and gay!"
by imnotanerd July 28, 2011
- Someone who lives under a bridge and slaughters goats.
- People who annoy and provoke people online for a reaction and use phrases like, u mad? or u jelly?
*On Minecraft*
Steve: Wow my house is so great, took me hours to make.
Trollzilla: Nice house.
Steve: What did you do to my house?
Trollzilla: u mad?
by AwesomeUrbanNinja June 03, 2011
An ugly creature that pops up on the interweb with some controversial and provoking message. Usually comes from a cave with poor hygiene.
A: Have you heard of tamtampamela? That dumb bitch tried to say her prayers caused Japan's earthquake.
B: Don't even bother with that idiot. She's just a troll.
by hapakid March 14, 2011
A girl or woman who acts troll-like in public; hopping obnoxiously, eating like a pig, having poofy red tinted hair(usually not brushed), has an unbelievably HUGE appetite, mooches off of so called "friends" or colleges, nasty body usually fat and or with a celulite tummy, sloppy, easy, sometimes a slut.

TFL = Troll Free Life
Cory: "Man! That girl is a total troll... nasty!"
Jim: "Yeah I know, what a turn-off."

Jim: "Ew look at that fat troll hopping around in the hall."
Cory: "Gross. She should get that crazy hair thinned or somethin."

Jim: "Mhm, halleluijah!"
by Trollz Slayer December 21, 2010
A basement-dweller with too much time and too little job.
Troll #1: I'm bored. I wonder if Mike's up for trolling?
Troll #2: You bet I am!
Troll #1: Sweet! Let's go piss people off!
by jakyokufishycookins November 16, 2010
Someone who is very tall, ugly, and stalks someone. They may have cross eyes
That girl Amy is a total troll and takes pictures of my friend back during lunch. What a stalker!
by Banana Bitch man October 05, 2010

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