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\trōl•pə-ˈtrōl\ n. A desperate group of lecherous, fashionably-challenged, over-the-hill gay men who congregate in packs at bars or clubs.
The troll patrol keeps staring at me, but I'm just not interested in middle-aged queens with man boobs and yellowing teeth.
by Flossy Spacek September 16, 2009
(secondary definition)

Abuse staff, administrators, moderators, GMs, curators, or others who have banning power on online communities or users who report trolls on such communities to them.

Sometimes refers to all ownership or longtime participants on small communities, or to "abuse" or "community management" personnel on larger sites.
Don't bother reasoning with someone named HitlersSweetie, just report it and let the troll patrol handle it.
by crybabycry April 23, 2011
A group of people that pose as would-be racists and hide out in dark alleys. When vulnerable women pass by, the "Troll Patrol" acts is if they are about to rape the girl and then at the last minute stop and yell, "Walk with a friend in a less dangerous neighborhood, or next time I will rape you!" as a means to scare girls into being safer. Troll patrols can also be used to teach lessons about other dangerous activities as well.
Sally almost shit her pants when she was stopped by the troll patrol, now she always walks home with her friends.

Bob was mistakenly arrested for attempted rape when performing his troll patrol duties. He's in jail now.
by T-RollPatrol November 23, 2011
when sumone is in the club and wants to get laid really bad with no standards what so ever.
look at bobby, hes on troll patrol again
by jango87 August 26, 2009
A signal of IRC troll removal as invented by shelleycakes of Undernet legend in which active trolls are expunged as well as trolls who may not be presently operating but whose troll-identity is historically verified.
is the troll patrol around?
uh oh shelleycakes is on troll patrol!
by NonFish August 25, 2008
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