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troll land: the place where pathetic lonely angry trolls who own a computer live. They will subsequently invite you in to feed off your anger, lack of self control or restraint. And then make fun of you once you do. Further infuriating you and your delusional apathetic compliant belief system.
ex1. !@#$ troll sucked me into troll land again, I'm so stupid!

ex2. what do you mean lady gaga is a talentedless, media whore? Why don't you get a life you !@#$ piece of !@#$, and go !@#$ yourself, your mom is a !@#$ !@#$ bag of !@#$ I hope you !@#$ !@#$ !@#$ and your !@#$ dog, too! !@#$ you!
by psychobabbleculvercity March 22, 2011
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