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Although this word should really mean wacking off to pictures of Deanna Troi from star trek tng. It actually means a sexual situation involving three people. But there's a subtle distinction between troilism and a threesome. In a threesome everyone gets some nooky but in troilism one person just watches either in person or via a video camera.
I suppose there's times when it's good to be in the minority.
Oh really? Name one.
Umm... Troilism?
- Iain Banks, The Business
by Sixtyfoothigh March 17, 2007
Formal (pompous or discreet) Greek word for a threesome. Minimalist group sex.
Before the examination, I admitted to my doctor I'd had another threesome a couple of weeks back. "Ah, another case of troilism", he smiled. "No, doc, I wasn't experimenting - I've done it before...."
by kofi June 30, 2003