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Ciricidin Cough & Cold Tablets, These are a highly potent dissociative legal drug that come in the form of small red tablets that resemble skittles. The term trittles comes from a person inebriated by this mind expanding agent, who slurred "I'm skipping on trittles."
I can't believe Uuuurrrkk always gets away with stealing trittles from walgreens
by Wild Drunken Bill April 25, 2007
When you laugh so hard that you urinate slightly creating a visible wet patch on your trousers.
'What's the matter Steve?'

'I think I just trittled a bit'

'Let's have a look..Ohhhh yes you have a bit'

'Don't worry we've all had a good trittle at some point'

'One of the shit things about being old is that you're always gonna worry about visible trittle'
by babadobey January 04, 2010
(noun) a piece of lint or string found on an item of clothing
Monica found a number of trittles left on her skirt by the linen napkin.
by Lawchick April 05, 2007
one of those dust bunnies/strings you find on your clothes
After eating, Monica found that the white linen napkin had left a number of trittles on her skirt.
by Lawchick March 30, 2007