a girl who thinks that she is cool by copying others, they may also be fat. fat fat fat fat fattttttt. im talking HUGE!!!!!!! and not to mention probably one of the ugliest "things", if you can even call it a thing, on the planet, make that ugliest thing created in the depths of the universe. you may mistake her for a creature that crawled out from underneath a rock. she may also very well be muslim. not to point our fingers at anyone. haha but we are. btw, she has a disgusting shirt that makes her look like a beluga whale.
"that girl is soo fat, ugly and muslim! wow shes a trishala!!!!!"

person 1: did you see that muslim girl walking on the side of the street?

person 2: oh! that's a person???! holy lord. i thought that was just an enlarged version of what my dog did in the lawn this morning. :)

person 1: nope it was a trishalaalalalalalalalal!

by Tammy is a qt pi. July 11, 2008

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