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The triple j mafia is a group of sexy young men all in their prime. The triple j mafia is back in action after one of the founding members has since returned back to Maryland. trips j maf has been united again. The two member of the alliance have yet to be seen around.
did you see the "trips j maf" at lakeforest today? they peeping new clothes and hoes........then they started scrapping.
by im always down to grub October 17, 2010
trips j maf, a group of sexy individuals who stay pimpin hoes.
damn did you see the trips j tonight? they looked fresh.
by juicy j April 17, 2004
RyanO232004: The Def of Trips j Maf............................... 1. The guys with the fine bitches every guy wants. 2. The fellas walken down your block with some 40s 3. The boys that beat the shit out of the fellas that try to step, and then take their bitch while there at it. 4. The people holding down the most beer.
see above
by crunchy black April 27, 2004
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