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The slang term used to describe portable Hash oil vaporizers that prevent human ingestion of by-product toxins released from burning marijuana. Instead of 'burning', the hand-held vaporizer heats an internal plate to a degree that evaporates hash oil, much like a household humidifier.
Wiz Khalifa "Ima smoke a trippy stick on this one. OG Hash oil"
by TrippyStickVaporizer September 23, 2012
when you wrap like 5 sheets of acid around your dick and a girl sucks off the acid.
guy:bitch suck my trippy stick
bitch:oomggg yessss
by dankhsgahfjxkdidhs November 08, 2013
a trippy stick is a new way to get high
Wiz kHalifa : I m smoke a trippy stick on this one
OG Hash Oil
This is from the song wiz khalifa california
by ryder 3 December 17, 2011
a joint or or a blunt laced with bars
guy 1: you trippy mane?
guy2: hell yea that trippy stick got me zooted
by supremequeen December 19, 2011