being srongly under the affects of LSD or psychedelic mushrooms. this is a superlative of tripping, and a contraction of the phrase "tripping one's balls off". unless someone is new to the drug, or very sensitive to it, at least 5 or 6 hits are necessary to trip balls.
The most beautiful and perfect experiences of my life all happened when I was trippin' balls.
by minghi May 06, 2003
The act of making statements or assertions that are considered false by a third party. The third party will then attest that the maker of such statements is 'tripping balls'

Probably originated from reference to 'tripping balls', as used by LSD users
"That teacher has no idea what she's on about, man. She's seriously tripping balls."
by Komatoaster September 19, 2006
amazed beyond belief over a positive influence; incident; or event. Expression of positive excitement.
The girls at that party had me tripping balls cuz they were so hot.
by Raphael I. David May 13, 2003

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