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when one does something clumsy resulting in the falling on one's face or butt. usually an embarassing occurance.
She was tripping all over the place and hurt herself badly.
by a white brotha November 01, 2004
complete understanding
I tripped on acid and found the meaning of the universe.
by 420 April 17, 2004
The time in between the meeting and/or introduction of two people, and when they officially form into a couple.

During this time, both both members hold amourous feelings for each other, but have yet to admit it, and to others may appear to already be a couple.

Similar to being friends with benefits.
Don't you think it's sweet? They were tripping for the longest time until one day, he presented her with a rose..
by Tsuyuko January 07, 2006
When you are acting as if dased, cncotrllable of your actions, possibly drunk, or after the consumption of drugs.
Nigga I aint trippin', it was only 2 pounds.
by Monty January 03, 2004
usually feeling in a state of disarray or seeing a whole bunch of colors and wierd organic shapes that turn into things affects of Acid or LSD
dude i was tripping when i saw that Pink Floyd movie "The Wall"
by josh September 16, 2003
When you are stoned and are great at typing the number 6 on your keyboard

(the number 6 championship nigga)

Usually when one is under the influence of mushrooms that have been grown fertalized and sold in tescos and asda supermarkets and such
Wow, these mushrooms I got at the supermarket are great, im tripping, the number 6 is great for the number 6 pressing championship... 666666
by James Cairns Laindon March 26, 2005