when one does something clumsy resulting in the falling on one's face or butt. usually an embarassing occurance.
She was tripping all over the place and hurt herself badly.
by a white brotha November 01, 2004
1. consumption of LSD

2. Being in a state of mind characterized by a false sense of complete understanding.
"Damn, I took some geltabs last weekend and I was tripping for 36 hours straight."

"I was totally tripping when I was swearing left and right that my friends were avoiding me. It turns out they were all just really damn busy."
by -anonymous- February 17, 2004
To be under the influence of hallucinogenic drugs such as LSD.
Man! That plane looks like its gunna crash and kill a few niggas! Shit, I'm tripping!
by NiggerJoe August 18, 2006
getting agitated.
stay cool man, quit trippin'.
by pete hodge June 11, 2003
When you decide to hug or attack the floor. ;D
I was tripping everywhere yesterday. I really like giving the floor hugs. =D
by LavenderBritt September 15, 2010
lying; mistaken
"You met Ja Rule? Man, you trippin'!"
by Genna November 20, 2002
when you think about something and can't help thinking and talking about it over and over.
I tripped on how shitty my life was and it turned into a bad trip.
by Tim March 13, 2003
For college students, it refers to the late night trips to the library; late night studying at the library or any study hall facility
"Hey what are you doing?"

"I'm just tripping until I finish my essay."
by VicePres June 25, 2009

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