To Travel and explore a new place
Trippin means going to a new city, museum,art center or shopping center.
by idea girl December 11, 2008
When you care about something, but act like you don't.
Girl, I ain't trippin, he ain't never got to call me back.
by Shasass September 05, 2005
trip-in- 1.) tripping for the people who dont know the suffix -ing contains a g. 2.) ghetto talk for a drug-induced high. 3.) crazy. (see also: buggin, whilen) one of many words created by the "opressed" niggers of society. proof they are even too lazy to add one more letter, let alone get an actual job.
Craka be trippin!!!
by sheky shabaz December 03, 2008
the act of drinking alcohol and cruising around town.
Now that we've drank 20 beers, let's go trippin!!
by zr0lyfe July 12, 2008
1. the act of falling but recovering ones stature before landing partially, stumbling over an object. 2. the act of travelling
The girl was trippin because her inept
brother left his action figures at the
top of the stairs.
by anonymous January 11, 2003
To expose ones bottom infront of p.i.g.s. aka. police
"WTF, y'all trippin infront of dat sto! Busta cap foo!"
by Steve Darling April 14, 2003
A trippin' word in itself. Paradoxical at times, but nevertheless, trippin'. 3 defs applicable. 1: The epitome of all that is cool and hip, "I've got it goin' on." 2: Tripping as in the verb itself-stumbling, not quite there, having a hard time to comprehensively express oneself. 3: Question form.
1. "You're so trippin."
2. "Man, I'm trippin' here."
3. "What's trippin'?"
by Meredith June 30, 2004

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