or "trippin'"
or "tripping"
or "trippin', yo"

v. 1. to kid, joke. 2. to be out of one's mind. 3. to interfere or get in the way of another
"Dude, you trippin' yo"
by zx August 15, 2002
Tripping usually consists of taking hallucinogenic
drugs such as, Mushrooms or acid, any intoxication of these drugs is illegal and can lead to serious drug charges. Both Mushrooms and Acid possesion and or distributing can get a attempted homocide charge because mushroooms and acid both can kill. It is not uncommon to be ripped off when trying to aquire mushrooms or acid. A good connection for said drugs is important!.

Mushrooms are amazing....If i had to choose between mushrooms or any other psychoactive i would choose mushrooms. Tripping includes; seeing all sorts of freaky shit. freaky shit can be stuff like seeing a mountain open like a mouth and say hello. uncontrollable laughin, something is just hysterical and you can't stop laughing.
Being convinced that you are suddenly connected to everybodys minds. Sense of adventure in a surreal way, as if your watching a story unfold "sometimes dissasociation"

Trippin could also induce a bad trip. Where you start flipping the hell out and can't stop. You may feeel as if something bad is going to happen or seeing all sorts of terrifying shit. Many people have ended up mentally insane from bad trips on mushrooms or acid. Generally acid is more intense than mushrooms.

Tripping is probaly one of the most fun things can do if you have a good connection and close friends to grill with. Do not take tripping lightly, positive outlooks while tripping helps enjoy this trip instead of losing yourself in your own mind.
I really wanted to do some trippin with chill peepz.
"Me and the Winchester gang walked to a park where we bought $100 worth of shroomies. P. Cubensis chopped up and blended into a piece of fudge. We all sat in a forest until about 1 in the morning. We were all lost in the disc golf course a place we all went to all the time. I thought it was the funnniest thing ever. I watched Heavy Metal once I started to come down, it was great"

I took 2 little green alien tabs of Acid I saw my lightbulb melt to the floor then fly back up in slow motion. A mountain also greeted me when I went for a cig, trippy as shit! =D

by Dark Carnival guru says Carlos January 09, 2009
trippin on drugs normally lsd
im avin an acid trip
by matty October 09, 2004
To be under the influence of a drug.
I took some acid last night and I was hella TRIPPIN all last night.
by Joshiro007 February 15, 2003
you are messing up! Acting a fool!
holmes your tuppin over that girl!
man your trippin!
by Cody wall February 16, 2007
what you do when you get a hold of dat crippi
damn, that crip got me trippin
by 863 Ridas December 13, 2003
one who is "verticaly stumblig"
,wo my brotha us be verticaly stumbling
by trippin brotha November 06, 2003

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