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the word describing the feeling of mushrooms, exstacy, or dextromethaphrine. an ingredient found in some cough medicines. ex. corcidine cold and cough. take about 8 of them and it's CRAZY!!!
man these shrooms got me trippin!
i know dude... it looks like a cartoon!
everyones face is distorted!
by me March 16, 2005
30 40
1.) on drugs such as boomers, X, acid or other hallucinugens
2.) having done something really something really dumb
1.) "do you see the pink elephant? Shannon, dude, theres a pink elephant walking in thr air"
2.)("This) bitch called me and asked if i wanted to fuck and i was like, damn girl, you trippin"
by White Jamaica July 20, 2004
15 25
To make a Ridiculous comment or express a non-sensical idea.
You straight trippin' G
by #pipe May 25, 2003
27 37
or "trippin'"
or "tripping"
or "trippin', yo"

v. 1. to kid, joke. 2. to be out of one's mind. 3. to interfere or get in the way of another
"Dude, you trippin' yo"
by zx August 15, 2002
33 43
when you sit after you just got baked and it feels like theres a clowd surrounding you.
i was trippin on that couch lastnight
by there once was a whore August 28, 2009
3 14
being Stupid, or crazy when what you say doesn't make any sense.
You were trippin dog.
by Michelle February 21, 2004
17 28
2 b worried about sumthing, care about it "im not trippin"="i dont care"
(old/93)gang affiliated/set trippin
"the snare sounds loud in the headphones"
"im not trippin right now, we'll mix it down later"
"iz those dudes on tha corner in black BDs trippin"
"naw, they cool"
by YoungCali August 26, 2003
12 23