the very beginning of a relationship, not actually together yet.
that fool and that b*tch was trippin together, but they broke up.
by djinstinct November 18, 2008
1.) on drugs such as boomers, X, acid or other hallucinugens
2.) having done something really something really dumb
1.) "do you see the pink elephant? Shannon, dude, theres a pink elephant walking in thr air"
2.)("This) bitch called me and asked if i wanted to fuck and i was like, damn girl, you trippin"
by White Jamaica July 20, 2004
To make a Ridiculous comment or express a non-sensical idea.
You straight trippin' G
by #pipe May 25, 2003
or "trippin'"
or "tripping"
or "trippin', yo"

v. 1. to kid, joke. 2. to be out of one's mind. 3. to interfere or get in the way of another
"Dude, you trippin' yo"
by zx August 15, 2002
when you sit after you just got baked and it feels like theres a clowd surrounding you.
i was trippin on that couch lastnight
by there once was a whore August 28, 2009
When the person in question (who IS trippin') thinks that something IS, when it is clearly NOT. (you can tell that they are making this up in their head)
katie is the coolest chick that i've ever been to the beach with!

(your friends: you're trippin. she's coniving, selfish, makes up her own rules, and is going to make YOU her BITCH. she thinks she's a queen. you're trippin' just as much as she is.)

the "trippin' person: "i'm gonna jump off this roof because i think i can"

your friends: "will you please stop trippin' and not do that? oh look, i found something shiny!"
by damien, natas' little brother October 15, 2006
being Stupid, or crazy when what you say doesn't make any sense.
You were trippin dog.
by Michelle February 21, 2004

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