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The ... is to add what ever you want. The word must be a noun. The larger the object the more the person is "trippin". Used when you are either high or just feeling kinda crazy.
Hey joey you see bill over there.

Yeah man he's trippin'...
by Butters48 June 12, 2008
What you say when you want to sound ghetto.
Girl you be trippin' up in here!
by Moozels December 29, 2010
Variation of tripping
My mom iz T-Rippin, she won't get me a new phone
by Mintaliciousness October 16, 2010
someone who is on drugs at the moment
Are you Trippin' on shrooms nigga
by dylwerd April 05, 2010
Looking for a good surf spot
Lets go trippin'!
by burtholliday February 28, 2010
the very beginning of a relationship, not actually together yet.
that fool and that b*tch was trippin together, but they broke up.
by djinstinct November 18, 2008
the word describing the feeling of mushrooms, exstacy, or dextromethaphrine. an ingredient found in some cough medicines. ex. corcidine cold and cough. take about 8 of them and it's CRAZY!!!
man these shrooms got me trippin!
i know dude... it looks like a cartoon!
everyones face is distorted!
by me March 16, 2005