VERB (sometimes used as an ADJECTIVE)
1. displaying a displeased or problematic reaction to what has been said or done by another person
2. the act of rupturing regular peaceful discourse between two human beings.
3. The act of throwing obstacles in between the peaceful interaction of human beings that could be metaphorically "tripped over"

This word can be used on a widely varying scale of intensity
Why you trippin' b?
Man, that n*gga be trippin'?
Don't be trippin' now!
by Streetsouljah August 29, 2006
To be totally out of it; inside your own world; in a complete daze.
Why you trippin on me dawg?
by DAWG April 01, 2005
buggin out.. actin dumb for no reason
u trippin off sum stupid shit.. i told u i dont like him like that
by cookie January 04, 2005
1. To act in a jestful or irrational manner.

2. To experience the affect of a mind-altering subtance, typically halucenogens.
1. Why you trippin?

2. I was trippin on that X in de club.
by tom gugliotta September 15, 2010
A word used by one to fully describe and express ones displeasure at the reactions of another individual to seemingly ordinary situations
Boy:" Mom, Can I go to this cool party this weekend"
Momma: "No, you can't! you have to stay home and look after yall younglings"
Boy walks away muttering "Bitch be trippin, Bitch be tripping all the fuckin time!"
by chilo3000 July 18, 2011
whacked, kiddin', stupid
Principal: You cannot have pencils in school!
You: What? Are you trippin'? What do you mean we can't have pencils in school?!
by Dom! June 12, 2007
Overreacting to pretty much nothing at all; Making a big deal out of something.
He be trippin' when he found out that they were on a vacation for a couple days.
by MaDawgTT February 05, 2015
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