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The Triplets are the term often used to describe the trio of Troy Aikman, Michael Irvin, and Emmitt Smith, a trio of players from the Dallas Cowboys who played in the 1990's. The three-part fraternal bonds they shared gave the Cowboys three Super Bowl victories, 12 playoff wins, and the title "Team of the 1990's". Perhaps the greatest trio in sports since Tinker, Evers, and Chance of the 1920's.

Inducted into the Ring of Honor in a 2005 ceremony at Texas Stadium. When Emmitt reaches HoF eligibility, he will have a bust in Canton immediately and join Troy and Michael.
In 15 years, no team has come close to the amount of talent, the Cowboys had with their Triplets. Aikman, Irvin, and Smith are to football what Howard, Fine, and Howard are to comedy.
by 82288Wolf December 07, 2008
To The Toilet
a word used when you don't have enough time to say the full un abreiviated version or you'll soil yourself
im just goin' triple T
by cai3i3age October 05, 2005
when three people are tight,always together,& similar.they're family.
ejay,marcie,and marge are asian triplets
by FLIPpinMARGE January 19, 2008
3 people who look the same and are born of the same mother
Daamn those dahm triplet's are find, the best are the those daahm dahm triplet's
by Martin The Bear January 20, 2004