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The name in which you will call an african american that has extreme dark skin.
Hypothetically all black people are dipped into a chocolate vat at birth to determine how dark the color of their skin will be. Most black people would be considered double dipped. The unlucky son of a bitches who gets dipped a third time and become much more darker than your average black man are called "triple dipped".

Dusty: Oh, look how dark that black guy's skin is.
Theo: Yeah, that mother fucker been triple dipped!
by STCbeehive December 09, 2013
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when you stick your erect penis into a woman's butt, then vagina, and then her mouth. Gum is recommended after partaking in this event.
"So I heard you triple-dipped susan!"

"Yeah, but it gave her a speech impedement..."
by Pat and Dill October 02, 2007
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