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anyone (male or female) who is so hideous that before you even thought of losing your dignity to that extend you'd need three bags: one for their head, one for yours in case theirs came off, and one to be sick in after.
'what happened to you, you look dreadful'
'if you must know, I woke up next to a triple-bagger, ok'
by feline March 09, 2005
A person who is so hideously ugly and/or disgusting that to consider intercourse with them you would require a bag over their head, one for yourself just in case their's falls off, and one for your dog...yeah you're that embarassed.
Ol' Bruce is such a triple bagger that even Janie, the cum dumpster that she is, wouldn't touch him.
by Wheelo October 25, 2005
A bitch that is SO ugly you need a bag for her head, a bag for your head, and a plastic bag for the person that might see you, so they can suffocate themself for having to see that shit.
John: Damn, I ain't ever seen a bitch that ugly
Mike: Shit, that bitch is a triple bagger
by tHE hEAD March 01, 2004
when someones so ugly to have sex with them u would put a bag over your head their head and anyone watching.
guy1: Would u hit it?
guy2: Id triple bag it.
by justin March 27, 2004