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Half asian semen, aka moo shoo load.
Geoff warned Tina, but when she didn't listen, he dropped a load of trinks on her face. Lauren was pissed.
by 8============D June 16, 2008
1) An adjective used in a positve sense to discribe things of a good nature.
2) A word used to describe an inebriated individual.
1) Dat was a trink ass bitch back thuur !
2) Man you is trinked up.
by Ricky & Austin May 17, 2006
IN the gay male world, anyone between the ages of 25-30. Usually, anyone under the age of 25 is considered a twink, over 30 is considered a troll. Trink is a combination of the two words.
Dammit, I just turned 25, now I am a trink.
by S Michael Bryant July 10, 2008
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