Best beaches, hottest women and cultural mixed up beatiful people. down ass people, food, and we have the CARNIVAL.
by gayfellas, November 08, 2003
Top Definition
People from the island of Trinidad (that is located in the caribbean for you stupid ass people) Dey real like liming an spicy food... and parties...
"ey, look is a foreigner, not a trini"
"we goin tuh faren, bring d crix"
by goog April 23, 2004
a person who is from TRINIDAD
they are hott and sexy
and kno how to dress to impress.
That trini looks so0o sexy.
by X-tal February 19, 2005
Someone from the island of Trinidad
Well yuh is a real Trini fuh so.
by Swiss July 27, 2003
someone who is from the islands of Trinidad and Tobago
LAdi:Deh boi dey have a accent he ah trini

MAn:Yeh meh ah trini...trini to deh bone
by Trini to deh Bone June 18, 2005
A caring and thoughtful person, who is the best friend ever. Everyone needs a Trini in their life.
That girl is my Trini.
by Option2 February 03, 2010
1. big cock sex which at the right angle tears the wall of the vagina or rectum.
"wow that guy trinis'd me last night, and I'm still bleeding?
by parkin'lot'pimpin' March 18, 2009
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