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the act of sexually penetrating a female in the vagina, mouth, and ass in one night
Dude Debby is such a whore - she let me give her the trifuckta last night!
by PlaysCopLeanRep September 08, 2010
/tri-Fuk-ta/, Noun
1. Having sex with three women in the same day.
2. Having sex with a different woman every day for
three consecutive days. (simp definition)
Billy told me he pulled a trifuckta yesterday.

No way, that simp game motherfucker couldn’t get laid in a Tijuana hor house.

He said he hit Sarah after breakfast, poked Ali around lunchtime, and boinked Kelly when he left the club.
by Crazy Uncle B August 10, 2007
When a string of bad luck bring you three life changing elements at once.
I've survived my tri-fuckta of bad luck!
by jodiegirl37 August 01, 2011
A Trifecta of your 3 favorite liquors (2 oz. each) with 2 oz. of your favorite chaser, mixed with 12 oz. of your favorite beer. After you made the drink, chug it in no more then 30 seconds. After you chug it, slap yourself in the face, then have a friend, male or female, punch you in the stomach.
"Guys! Tonight, party at my place, nothing but Tri-Fuck-Ta's are allowed. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO HAVE FUN!!!!!!"
by Rick Steamer August 11, 2013
When a person has had sex with three different friends separately.
After sleeping with both John and Pete, Stephanie had sex with Marshal, completing the trifuckta.
by Dony Duggan February 06, 2011
Flipping the bird three-ways at once. Trifecta + fuck = Trifuckta.
A bunch of options to give the Trifuckta! Two middle fingers, with one middle finger going in and out between the thumb and forefinger. Two middle fingers, plus the Italian "cross the arms perpendicularly". Also - two middle fingers, one of them doing the Italian "flicking under the chin" motion.
by Arete77 January 09, 2010
When three awesome guys are screwing 3 girls and atleast 2/3 burst at the same time.
That party sure wouldn't have been as great if I hadn't gotten involved in that trifuckta.

Did you see the way Mike and Chris exploded at the same time!? That trifuckta really changed my life
by captaincallaway April 05, 2009

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