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lazy ass man, relies on his woman for money
You triflin',good for nothing type of brother
Silly me,why haven't I found another

one rule - never talk to the passenger cos he either broke. or triflin {Honey}
by Nah Blard!!! August 22, 2004
191 212
That is one triflin hoe.
by clavicle April 18, 2003
113 137
poor, trampy
by anonymous June 12, 2003
19 45
its when ur tryin to do somethin and people r being hellas skeet.
Puff puff pass man puff puff pass. You bein hella triflin messin up the rotation like that.
by Cracka J October 19, 2006
6 36
To be fronting. The act of lying or being a fake. The act of being false
Man, why you triflin!

Man, that guy's livin a trife life!
by Chris Dowell August 09, 2006
63 94