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lazy ass man, relies on his woman for money
You triflin',good for nothing type of brother
Silly me,why haven't I found another

one rule - never talk to the passenger cos he either broke. or triflin {Honey}
by Nah Blard!!! August 22, 2004
To be absurd, annoying, etc.
Don't be triflin'
by Ava Save-a-Lot September 24, 2003
poor, trampy
by Anonymous June 12, 2003
its when ur tryin to do somethin and people r being hellas skeet.
Puff puff pass man puff puff pass. You bein hella triflin messin up the rotation like that.
by Cracka J October 19, 2006
To be fronting. The act of lying or being a fake. The act of being false
Man, why you triflin!

Man, that guy's livin a trife life!
by Chris Dowell August 09, 2006