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its a way you describe a prostitute. His/Her actions, & looks.
"that trick is triflin!"
by Charlenebaby02 July 10, 2008
nasty dirty
She sleeps with little boys shes triflin.
by CLG October 03, 2003
the black person term for something that is just wrong
Nigga, you seen that fat bitch wearin em skinny jeans, thats just triflin

Nigga 1:you see that white boy that thinks hes a baller
NIgga 2: yeah, he be triflin
by dbrickashaw ferguson February 10, 2011
The act of making a good pudding, with jelly, sponge, cream and custard.
That bitch is in the kitchen again, triflin up some fine puddins.
by Muzza March 21, 2008
A creep. Someone whos nosy.

"Triflin ass hoe aint a cop she can't do nothin."
by jerreemmyy November 10, 2007
something/someone or something done that is nasty/dirty or someone that is ugly or nasty lookin
"Eww ... that bitch look triflin"

"A hoe that just sucked dick.. "that bitch is triflin"
by CrYsTaL March 19, 2005
When your disgusting, bitch-assex-girlfriend finds out where you are and shows up un-announced to ruin your good time.
I was chilling at my friend's house when my triflin ex-girlfriend finds out where i was and shows up, un-announced! That triflin ho made it sufficiently awkward and then left... probably to go sleep around some more.
by Zachypoo May 27, 2006