A worthless person. This person is also a ho. A worthless ho.
Maaan, Fuck that bitch... She's a triflin ho.
by necro420 November 14, 2007
Top Definition
A female who is need of a good bitch slappin'.
I told that triflin' ho to stay away from my man.
by Rile May 15, 2003
A female (usually) who is just plain nasty. She goes clubbing all the time and makes out with everyone she sees. She also is bisexual and loves to have intercourse with other females. She is a disgrace and makes other females (sane ones) cringe at the sight of her or the sound of her voice. Males find her disgusting and want to shit on her face. She would be turned on by that.
Female: Ew, the triflin ho is here. I hate that girl.

Male: She looks like a tranny, I'm outta here.
by WUTITDOh June 01, 2010
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