Breast lift surgery (with likely augmentation), full tummy tuck, liposuction.
Dude 1: Yo dookie, see that cougar? Another wonder of modern medicine.
Dude 2: Bet she hedged about $11,000 on that trifecta.
Dude 1: She's bought and paid for and runnin' fo the roses...
by Skipf32 November 13, 2007
while playin beirut, the ping pong ball lands on the edge of 3 cups. the opposing team must drink all three cups the ball is touching.
I gotta drink 3 cups now because of the trifecta.
by LU Hawkz April 03, 2007
a group of three close woman friends
juani, lanna, and allie constitue the WAC trifecta.
by allie June 17, 2004
Blowing your wad 3 times off the same hard-on.
Dude that bitch was so tight I hit the trifecta.
by mastrmind January 26, 2004
The trifecta is an exclusive club with Los Angeles origins. It consists of three of the most jacked, diesel, thick, solid, tight, aesthetic bros in the game: MusclesBlack, MusclesTan, and MusclesWhite. The trifecta rose to power within the walls of Palisades Charter High School during their last year of attendance and soon went on to take over the entire Pacific Palisades. All three members are effectively deities in their own right, worshipped by betas and bishes from all corners of the universe. The members are security to EVERY party they roll to, even if not invited. The trifecta is inherently unfuckable with, so make sure you have an ambulance close by if you wish to try your luck, as the club's track record is slathered in brutal KOs. You WILL get knocked out, and they WILL steal your pussy.
Scene takes place on a sunny day at the beautiful beaches of Santa Monica, CA. Two beta phaggots are busy sucking each other's dick in the water when suddenly, a monstrosity of never before seen magnitude appears. The monstrosity did not surface from the waters though... it came from the sands, slowly approaching with a level of swagger never before witnessed on this earth.

Beta phaggot 1: What the hell is that?
Beta phaggot 2: I can't see, there's too many fine hoes in bikinis surrounding it...

At the command of the encapsulated monstrosity, all the scantily clad bishes disperse and it becomes clear that it is not one monstrosity but THREE, all different shades of color.

BP 2: Yea man, that's the trifecta! Nobody fucks with those dudes...
by MusclesBlack August 29, 2013
For a guy, if a girl has the three trifectas then that usually means that they are sweet, smart, and sexy.
Guy: my girl has the three trifectas
Friend: what are those?
Guy: you know, smart, sensitive, and sexy
by jbaby9r December 02, 2012
To have successfully had sexual intercourse with 3 generations of a single family.

Most commonly accomplished with a daughter, mother, and grandmother.
I thought pulling off the roommate switch was tough, but can you believe George pulled off the trifecta with the Andersons?
by BillVallier April 10, 2012
Refers to either a guy or a girl who is:
"Nice! This chick is hot, single and willing. Trifecta! " (followed by a potential hi 5, but not necessarily required)
by Get. Me. Out Of Here! June 09, 2010

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