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A phobia gay (still in the closet) people made up so they would not look or sound gay when they sit to pee. Usually gay people try to blame straight people of doing it even if they don't do it so people will not think they are gay.
Dan: LOL, I didn't hear pee hit the toilet, did you sit to pee, do you have tricklephobia?
CLo: Ha, I went to poop dude, are you gay? usually gays try to blame us about doing that, weird?
by chumaster January 28, 2010

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the fear of someone hearing you as you urinate. it turns out the sound of you peeing is actually a lot less noticeable outside the bathroom than you think.
Carlos's case of tricklephobia is so severe that he almost always sits and pees so nobody will hear him.
by dan21328 January 27, 2010