1. Drug high
2. To become anxious do to the result of drugs
I was so trick last night.
by BBurz857 October 13, 2007
A cocktease
"Hey trick, quit playin me"
by Tobias December 08, 2003
A person that was accidentally born, possibly with a hooker or whore.
"Get out of here you trick! No one needs you, trick!"
by Chris Griffin July 12, 2005
Kindof like a one, but more of a boy.
Trick one.
by Dragnoun September 28, 2003
neat, cool
that board is trick
by angus February 03, 2003
another word for the male genitalia
My trick is bigger than yours
by Junkies September 12, 2003
a) best friends that you know will always be there for you through thick and thin.

b) sisters that you can tell all your secrets to.

c) partners in crime that will do the craziest things with you.

d) the girls you can build memories with that will last a life time.
Leggo to the mall tricks
by chs2011tricks July 06, 2011
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